Oh Britain.


Oh Britain.

Tuesday Sep 9 @ 11:32am
Tuesday Sep 9 @ 11:32am



Tuesday Sep 9 @ 11:06am


by Mamaru

Tuesday Sep 9 @ 11:05am

xander is canny hench like

Tuesday Sep 9 @ 11:00am

got sent home almost immediately so a fun day of srs waves of nausea lies ahead

Tuesday Sep 9 @ 09:59am

my limbs are like logs but I can’t afford to be off work
I was only sick twice and that was at like 10.30 last night so it’ll probs be all kk
going in anyways and if I get sent home I get sent home

Tuesday Sep 9 @ 08:18am

I was just very very sick and I dunno whether I feel better or much worse
what is happening here
I don’t get ill

Monday Sep 9 @ 11:03pm

out of ten I’m like seven sure that I’m gonna be sick
I’m trying to distract myself with buffy but it’s the ep with the gentlemen and it’s just scaring me more than anything

Monday Sep 9 @ 08:15pm

I feel like barbie so much.



I feel like barbie so much.


Monday Sep 9 @ 07:36pm

blink playing at the bronze is the best

Monday Sep 9 @ 07:03pm

being told you are missed is the nicest thing

Monday Sep 9 @ 06:05pm

oooooo I do not feel fresh

Monday Sep 9 @ 05:52pm


”you have already seen that band so you don’t need to go to their concert again” no u don’t understand

Monday Sep 9 @ 05:48pm
cwoffee and cwake

cwoffee and cwake

Monday Sep 9 @ 02:50pm
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